APIs For All Travel Needs

Wheather you are building a website, or a corporate intranet or extranet travel network, or a travel mobile application or just components for packagings or dynamic packaging, Keops Solutions team can provide you with all the data and products you neeed in any format you need; database, excel, text files, json files, xml files, html files or any other needed format. All our engine are built in a uniformed data format which can be easily formated or switched  to any known platfrom. daa can also be exported, imported or exchanged with customers, supplieres or even visitors.

Our Hotel engine in answer for any availability query based on city, area, hotel name , group of hotel will always respond you with uniformed and personalized formatted data so that you can implement it in any platform in a couple of Hours.

Our Flight Engine, can provide all the booking steps in a standard and uniformed json file that is very easy to understand and implement.

And so also all our engines, like sight seeings, packages, cars and more. Our team will be happy to study your connectivity needs and in few days you will have your account setup and online.